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What are casement windows? 

What are casement windows?  Casement windows are one of the most popular window styles for UK homes, known for their simplicity, functionality, and versatility. Casement windows can be utilised in several different window styles.  What is meant by the term ‘casement window’?  Casement windows are available in various styles that will suit most properties. A side-hung is a common casement […]

16th May 2023 - By Jason Clemmit
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What are Flush Sash Windows?

Flush Sash Windows are becoming popular for UK homeowners looking for a touch of high-end aesthetic in their homes. Available with modern or traditional styling, Flush Sash Windows are designed so that the window sash (the part of the window which can be opened) sits flush within the window frame for a sleeker and more streamlined appearance. Timber Alternative Flush […]

16th May 2023 - By Jason Clemmit
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What’s your door style?

When it comes to doors, the options are almost endless. Even the range of front door styles available is enough to spoil you for choice. But you are the only person who can decide which door styles are right for your home. With a list of considerations to think about, including materials, glazing, and design, not to mention the functionality […]

19th April 2023 - By Jason Clemmit
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The ultimate guide to new window styles

So, you need new windows. Simple, right? Simply contact your local double-glazing company and put in your order. After all, windows are just white uPVC and rectangular shaped? This is not the case. The world of windows has come a long, long way over the years and the days of standard white plastic ones that dominated the suburban landscape since […]

8th March 2023 - By Jason Clemmit
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