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What to Expect from Your New Windows

When embarking on the journey to select new glazing for your home, you are not just choosing a window, you are choosing a view, light, warmth, and the aesthetic character of your living space. The quest for the perfect window installation should guide you towards a balance of beauty, performance, and compliance with building regulations. Glass is an elemental part […]

27th February 2024 - By Danelle Vanstone
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Achieving Condensation-Free Living: Home Ventilation Strategies

Welcome to our in-depth guide, tailored to assist homeowners, tenants, and inhabitants of any domestic property in effectively reducing home condensation. This post offers a comprehensive range of solutions – from basic tactics, such as regular ventilation, to advanced strategies like home retrofitting – emphasising the critical role of windows in achieving a condensation-free living environment. Condensation, a common issue […]

5th February 2024 - By Danelle Vanstone
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Why is it so important for window installers to be certified?

Whether you’re in need of a window repair or need to replace all the windows and doors in your home, finding a trusted installer is vital to safeguarding your investment. This is why it’s crucial to choose a Certified Competent window installer. In this post, we will explore the importance of window installers being certified and the benefits it brings […]

17th July 2023 - By Jason Clemmit
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What Types of Window Certification are there?

Suppose you’re planning to install new windows and doors in your home, it’s crucial to ensure that the tradespeople you hire are competent, compliant and capable of delivering a high-quality job. When it comes to replacement windows or doors, compliance with building regulations is essential. Obtaining a Building Regulation Compliance Certificate (BRCC, or Window Certificate) can confirm a company’s record […]

6th June 2023 - By Jason Clemmit
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