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10 Essentials for Choosing Reliable Tradies

4th June 2024 - By Danelle Vanstone

When it comes to home renovations or repairs, selecting the right Tradesperson is just as crucial as the project itself. Here are ten practical tips to help you make an informed choice, ensuring your home project is handled with care and professionalism.

  1. 1. Seek Personal Recommendations
    Start your quest by consulting friends, family, or neighbours who’ve had similar work done. Personal recommendations provide invaluable insights and lead you to trusted professionals who’ve already proven their mettle.  

  2. 2. Verify Credentials
    Ensure any Tradie you consider has the necessary licenses and insurance to operate in your area. This not only protects you from liability but also ensures they meet the essential industry standards. Not sure what to look for? Check out our guide on trade credentials.  

  3. 3. Read Authentic Reviews
    Online reviews can offer a snapshot of a Tradie’s reputation. Focus on feedback from reputable sources that verify their reviews, like Certified Competent, which ensures all reviews are from genuine customers and mediated by a Government Authorised certification body like Certass.

  4. 4. Compare Quotes
    Don’t just accept the first estimate; seek multiple quotes. This not only ensures you get a fair price but also lets you gauge the Tradie’s confidence in their work, and the product selection they recommend to you. Multiple quotes will also provide you with an overview of understanding the work that needs to be done. A good Tradie will provide a price and a list or description of the work that price includes, and won’t hesitate to encourage comparisons.

  5. 5. Request References
    A reputable Tradie should be able to readily provide references. Contact these past clients to discuss their satisfaction with the Tradies work and professionalism, including aspects like timeliness, product selection, respect for property and surrounding areas, workmanship, etc.

  6. 6. Assess Specialisation
    For complex projects, prioritise Tradies who specialis in the specific work you need. Specialisation often translates to a higher level of expertise and better outcomes.

  7. 7. Prefer Local Tradies
    Local Tradies are typically more accountable to their community and can be more dependable when it comes to response times and follow-up support.

  8. 8. Clarify Payment Terms
    Be clear on payment terms long before work begins, even before a contract is signed. This includes understanding deposits, stage payments, final payments and acceptable payment methods. A clear agreement and understanding prevent disputes and miscommunications later down the line.

  9. 9. Evaluate Communication
    Effective communication is fundamental. Ensure the Tradie responds promptly, answers your queries clearly, and understands your project needs. Reciprocate this with timely and clear communication on your end.

  10. 10. Instincts and Timing Finally, trust your instincts about a Tradie’s reliability and professionalism. If something feels off, it’s wise to continue your search. Remember, giving yourself enough time to choose – ideally starting a minimum three months before the project installation begins – can make a significant difference.


Remember, a little research and preparation can go a long way in ensuring your home improvement projects are completed to your satisfaction. By taking these steps, you empower yourself with knowledge and increase the chances of having a positive experience with your chosen Tradie.

These tips aim to arm you with the knowledge to choose a Tradie wisely – because your peace of mind is just as important as the finished project.

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