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26th May 2021 - By Jason Clemmit


As there are so many options for tradespeople out there, it can be difficult to find one to carry out your next home improvement project who you can trust. Homeowners want the latest products to modernise their homes and help them improve the efficiency, but the best products in the world mean nothing if they’re not fitted correctly.

This is where workmanship standards come in.

What are Workmanship Standards?

Throughout the years, rules and regulations have been introduced to help set a standard for workmanship, which covers the entire construction industry, including glazing, roofing and joinery. Building Regulations have to be followed in all new build projects but retrofit and refurb jobs also have standards to abide by too, which includes the skills and professionalism of the workers on site.

Workmanship standards centre around the people. There are several different schemes in place to ensure that anyone working on site has the right skills to perform their job to the highest standards. The regular assessment of the professionals on site means that homeowners get extra peace of mind, when work is being carries out on their home.

Certass CQ-Assured scheme

At Certass, we put a lot of time and effort into ensuring that all the work carried out by our certified tradespeople is up to standard. We care about the work which our members are doing, and we want to help our installers be the best that they can possibly be, not only for their gain but also for homeowners too.

Certass members meet workmanship standards through the CQ-Assured scheme. Our CQ-Assured Workmanship Scheme gives members the chance to self-certify that their installations meet appropriate standards and codes of practice, giving confidence to homeowners who are looking for trusted tradespeople.

The scheme covers building maintenance and improvement work, conservatories, solid conservatory roofs, cavity clearance, external works and internal fitments.

How does Certass ensure that their members are Quality Assured installers?

Every installation company who registers under our CQ-Assured scheme undergoes regular tests from our team, which involves us going through a lot of different processes, both on-site and off-site.

Every year we carry out something known as a ‘desktop audit’. This covers the admin side of the company like insurance, legal details and company information to ensure that everything is being done in a proper and trustworthy manner. We also look into the workforce to make sure everyone working on site has the appropriate skills to carry out the jobs needed.

The tradespeople working in your home also need to be trustworthy, which is why we carry out on-site audits every 3-5 years to ensure that the work is up to standard. We check that the employees have the correct qualifications, while also carrying out a check of an on-site installation to tell us whether they are meeting workmanship standards.

We regularly check a sample of work done by the members of our scheme, to see if standards are being maintained throughout the year.

What can you expect from a CQ-Assured Installer?

The main purpose of the scheme is to make sure installers are working to the highest standards. However, there are also many other benefits for homeowners, including insurance backed workmanship warranties, our special Alternative Dispute Resolution Service and discounts on Approved Inspector fees for projects that require Building Regulation approval.

All members of our CQ-Assured Scheme agree to a code of conduct which means they agree to:

  • Provide outstanding level of service for customers
  • Put the interests of the customer first
  • Publish accurate marketing literature
  • Not use aggressive or pressurised sales techniques
  • Treat all customers fairly and equally
  • Not take advantage of vulnerable customers
  • Ensure a written quote is understandable in plain language
  • Ensure all contracts are in plain language
  • Keep customer data confidential
  • Carry out works to the best industry practice
  • Only use appropriate materials for the job
  • Register all appropriate work to the CQ-Assured Scheme
  • Protect and enhance the public image of the industry
  • Use the Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) for any conflicts or disputes
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