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How much does double glazing really cost

15th November 2021 - By Lauren Doyle

How much does double glazing really cost

Double glazed windows have become one of the most popular glazing types for most houses in the UK, thanks to their protective and insulating qualities. Having double glazed windows installed in your home will reduce draughts, your energy consumption and bills and regulate the temperature of your home all year round. The security of your home will also be increased, as well as the value.

Finding the best double glazing at a price that suits you is important, so we have put together a guide to give you an idea of how much it costs and what to look out for so that you can choose cost effective windows that are perfect for your home.

Factors that affect the cost of double glazing

There are a number of factors that affect the cost of your double glazing for your home. These include:

  • The number of windows you have in your home – the more you have, the more it will cost.
  • The quality and style of glass.
  • The type of locks you have on your windows.
  • Access to the property.
  • Whether any scaffolding is needed to install your new double glazed windows.
  • The type of windows that you already have.

It’s also best to remember that simplified double glazing quotes don’t usually factor in any special requirements like coloured frames, the energy rating of your window or special locking mechanisms so if you see a price-point special offer, the actual cost could be more. All the double glazed installers that are on our site will be able to visit your home for a survey and have a chat with you to discuss any requirements before giving you a fully broken-down quote for the windows of your choice.

The cost of replacing double glazed windows

As a rule of thumb, the larger your home, the more your double glazing will cost. How much you pay will directly depend on how many windows you have, for example, the cost of adding double glazing for a 3 bedroom home will generally be higher than a 1 bedroom home. Before searching for your local installer, it’s a good idea to count how many windows you have and then ask for a quote based on those numbers, as opposed to explaining how many rooms you have.

New double glazed windows cost

The average double glazed window cost for new PVCu casement windows is between £250 – £400 per window. If you want to opt for  different style like sash windows, then you should budget for around £750 per window. Wood or timber casement windows cost between £300 – £1,000 each and for timber sash windows, you’re looking at around £750 – £1,500 per window. For 0aluminium casement windows for your home, they will cost £350-600 each and for aluminium sash could cost you around £1,000+ per window.

Depending on what your budget is for your new double glazed windows, there are a wide range of styles and designs that you can discuss with your installer. All of the tradesmen are recommended and reviewed by homeowners and will be able to advise you on the best option for your budget and your home, without compromising on the style or performance of your new double glazing.

Comparing double glazed window prices

Before choosing your local double glazed window installer, it can help to speak to more than one, so you can make sure that you can compare costs and understand the service that different installers can offer.

The top five factors to bear in mind when comparing double glazed window prices are:

  1. Type of glass: your installer will offer you toughened, privacy or self-cleaning glass, which they all have different prices.
  2. Location of your windows: sometimes, the cost of your upstairs double glazed windows can be more than those on the ground floor.
  3. Energy efficiency: double glazed windows with high energy efficiency rating will generally cost more, but remember that they will save you money in the long run as they cut costs on energy and heating bills.
  4. Type of window: for a new window, the cost will vary depending on the type you choose for your home.
  5. Location of your home and labour charges: areas like London and South East are typically more expensive that other parts of the country, so you might be paying more in labour charges if you live there.

Installer prices can become very competitive, so make sure that when you are comparing quotes that all of the order details are the same and your quote is for the exact specification you need.

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Shop around for fair and competitive double glazed window costs to ensure you have the best windows for you and your home with our search tool. All of the tradespeople we have listed on our site are reviewed by homeowners across the UK and certified by UKAS accredited certification bodies, which means you can have full confidence that they will install your new double glazed windows to the highest standards.

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