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Top Considerations when Replacing Windows and Doors

26th May 2021 - By Jason Clemmit

Top Considerations when Replacing Windows and Doors

There are a number of reasons why you may want to replace the windows and doors on your property. It could be because you want to save money and energy. The old windows and doors of your property may be letting too much heat out and you want to replace them with more efficient ones which will keep the heat in and save you money. You might even just want some new windows just to help improve the visual appeal of your home.

Whatever reasons you have for changing your windows and doors, here are our top things to remember when replacing them.

Why are you replacing your windows and doors?

For those of you who are changing your windows to improve the efficiency and get rid of those cold draughts, then make sure you choose the right windows by looking at the Window Energy Ratings. Windows with a higher score are better at keeping in the heat, so the higher the score the more money you will save.

If you’re replacing your windows and doors to improve the safety of your home, then there are lots of security specifications which windows should meet. Try to find products which are PAS 24 tested or Secured by Design (SBD) accredited, which is the police-approved system which ensures all windows and doors are made as safe as possible, to give homeowners peace of mind.

For homeowners looking to spruce up their home with new windows and doors there are so many options which will help you increase your kerb appeal. You can choose from Aluminium, PVC or Timber alternatives in a range of different colours and styles meaning your windows and doors can fit into any aesthetic you’re looking for, whether classic or contemporary.

Entrance doors also provide homeowners with various options, with composite doors, aluminium or uPVC offering great performance and flexibility in design.

Do you need planning permission or building control?

As they are part of your home, you don’t normally need planning permission to replace your windows and doors, however there are some exceptions, such as if you live in a listed property or your local council has an Article 4 Direction. If this is the case, then you won’t be covered by Permitted Development rights, so you will need to get planning permission.

Building Regulations do apply for replacement windows and doors though, to ensure they are safe and performing as they should be. These regulations cover many areas including security, insulation, ventilation and safety.

Getting your windows or doors fitted by a registered Certified Competent Person Scheme installer ensures that all the regulations are being met and your products are being fitted by a fully competent professional.

What about energy efficient window and door replacements?

It can be quite hard to understand all the technical terms when it comes energy efficiency, so we’ve made it easier for you by explaining some of the phrases you may come across when talking to companies about your windows and doors.

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What is a U-value?

U-Values are a measurement of how effective a material is as an insulator. The lower the number, the better it is at keeping the heat in and keeping your home more energy efficient.

What is a Window Energy Rating (WER)?

A WER is an easily understandable and universal system which determines how efficient your windows are. They are graded A-G with A being the highest, and it takes a number of things into account, including U-values and air leakage to determine how efficient your windows are as a whole. All replacement windows and doors now have to be rated C or higher or have a U-Value of below 1.6 W/M2k.

Window Energy Rating Labels

Certass’ Thermal Rating Register uses a simple colour-coded label to show customers the energy efficiency of their products. This label is often found with the paperwork that accompanies the windows or can be found online and is similar to those found on white goods such as washing machines or fridges. The higher the energy rating, the better performing the windows are.

How to choose a replacement window and door installer

Local installers are a great option for homeowners looking for someone reliable and trusted to fit their windows and doors. They have experience of working in your area and usually have a range of design options available.

Ask your friends or family for recommendations and be sure to check online and social media to see examples of their work.

Make sure you choose an installer who is part of a ‘Competent Person Scheme’, to give you extra peace of mind that your windows and doors are being fitted to the highest standards.

What’s a Competent Person Scheme?

A Competent Person Scheme (CPS) allows companies and installers to self-certify that their work is following all necessary regulations. This makes the installation process easier as they don’t need to submit a building notice or have their work inspected by a local authority.

Under Certass’ scheme, installers are regularly assessed to make sure their work is up to standard, through on-site audits and paperwork checks. You can be assured that all our members follow government guidelines and offer fantastic service for homeowners.

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