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What Types of Window Certification are there?

6th June 2023 - By Jason Clemmit

Suppose you’re planning to install new windows and doors in your home, it’s crucial to ensure that the tradespeople you hire are competent, compliant and capable of delivering a high-quality job. When it comes to replacement windows or doors, compliance with building regulations is essential. Obtaining a Building Regulation Compliance Certificate (BRCC, or Window Certificate) can confirm a company’s record of compliance, particularly when important events like selling your home are involved. By choosing an installation company registered with a Competent Person Scheme, you can rest assured that they have been independently verified as compliant and capable of completing an installation that complies with Building Regulations and is able to issue a Window Certificate.

Window Certification Definitions:

Choosing the right installer for your project isn’t always simple. An installer Certified Competent by Certass is assessed before being approved and has their workmanship checked regularly. Several government-backed certifications, such as Trustmark, provide additional quality assessment, enabling installers to prove their competency in other areas of home improvement (bathroom, kitchen, extensions, etc.) or achieve certification for products and meet different workmanship standards, outside of Building Regulations. Here’s an overview of the supporting window certification on our Certified Competent installer profiles.

Competent Person Scheme (CPS):

Members of Competent Person Schemes undertake around 4 million installation jobs in England and Wales every year. They cover a range of home improvement works and include well known scheme names such as Gas Safe Register (for central heating & boilers) and Certsure (for electrical installations.) For us here at Certass, it is replacement windows and doors.

CPS registration is an alternative to using Local Authority Building Control or an Approved Inspector. Anyone registered with a CPS is vetted and assessed to ensure they are competent to undertake the work and that it complies with current Building Regulations. Regular inspections are made under the CPS regime to ensure work complies with relevant regulations.

Registration with a CPS indicates that an individual installer has achieved Minimum Technical Competency (MTC) and holds a skills card (also known as an MTC card), which serves as evidence of an individual’s skills, knowledge, behaviours and competence, aligning with the latest Building Regulations and industry best practices. To verify a Skills Card with Certified Competent –scroll to the bottom of an Installation company’s profile to “Our Qualified Team”.

You can check the Government-approved list of Competent Person Schemes on the website.

CQ Assured An additional self-certification scheme that installers can use to prove that their work meets high workmanship standards. This scheme covers additional home improvement work types, including general building work, conservatories and Velux installations.

TrustMark Approved– TrustMark is the only Government endorsed quality scheme for work carried out in UK homes. Certass Ltd is a Scheme Provider for TrustMark, allowing our Certified Competent installers to become TrustMark Approved by upgrading their membership and completing the additional vetting.

PAS 2030– A standard from the British Standards Institute (BSI) which establishes requirements for energy efficiency measures in buildings. Compliance with this standard is necessary to access Government funding eligibility for retrofitting and upgrading buildings, such as the Green Homes Grant.

Energy Ratings– energy ratings pertain to products rather than installations. The Thermal Ratings Register, also known as Window Energy Ratings, rates the energy efficiency of windows using an A-G rating system similar to the labels on home appliances.

Differentiating Genuine Certifications and Paid-For Badges:

When searching for tradespeople, it’s common to see companies displaying various badges from third-party organisations. While these badges can help distinguish them from competitors and can create an impression of legitimacy, it’s essential to understand their true significance. Not all badges held by installers indicate genuine competence to work on your home. Many badges are paid-for accreditations used for advertising purposes and do not involve proper vetting, assessment, or auditing by the issuing organisation. Therefore, they may not provide a window certificate at the end of the job or any other paperwork that aligns with best practice (contracts, guarantees, etc.) To ensure credibility, it’s recommended to prioritise badges directly associated with Government-Approved Competent Person Schemes or a Government-backed organisation such as TrustMark.

I Need a Replacement Window Certificate

If you already have work completed with a Certified Competent Installer by Certass and have misplaced your Building Regulation Compliance Certificate, you can click here to request a replacement window certificate.

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