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Finding the Right Advice for Home Improvements When Moving House

15th June 2022 - By Lauren Doyle

Moving house is a busy time with a lot to think about. Things such as setting up the right energy contract when moving house are important. Regardless of whether you own or rent, there are a number of important tasks to take on. You might also have home improvements in mind, especially if you’ve bought the property. So where do you find the right advice about home improvements when you’re moving house?

Do your research

When there are things you want to change around your new home, it’s important to do your research. It’s worth finding out if it’s a job you can reasonably tackle yourself or if you need the services of a professional tradesperson. Searching online can give you more information about what a job entails and is likely to cost, plus whether you’re likely to need professional services.

If there are multiple things you want to change or upgrade, it’s helpful to identify which are the top priorities. This is partially down to your preferences but also down to how urgent or potentially hazardous an issue is.

Talk to a tradesperson

When you need more advice about which issues to tackle, talking to a professional is advisable. Tradespeople have the knowledge and experience to address home improvement issues and can advise you about appropriate solutions, costs, and timeframes for work.

Of course, an appropriately qualified and certified tradesperson can also complete the work for you to a high standard, usually achieving faster and higher quality results than you may be able to do alone. With Certified Competent you can easily find a certified trader who can provide reliable advice and workmanship. We can also guide you through how to choose the right tradesperson.

Talk to your energy provider

If you’re interested in home improvements that boost energy efficiency, discussing this with your energy provider as part of your communications when you move house could be beneficial. Negotiating with more than one energy supplier can be a significant task but you can discover more about communicating with them when you’re moving house with this guide. Your provider might be able to recommend home improvements that make your new home more energy efficient and can save you money like adding insulation or double glazing.

Benefits of energy efficient home improvements

There are benefits to choosing energy-efficient home improvements. Creating a more sustainable home can reduce the cost of your energy bills. Using less energy also helps to reduce your household’s impact on the environment. In some cases boosting the property’s energy efficiency can lead to lower premiums on your house insurance and boost the value of your home if you decide to sell in the future.

Home improvements are important, especially if they contribute to making your home more sustainable. Whatever improvements you opt for, it’s important to get accurate advice from trustworthy sources. Getting the right advice and choosing certified tradespeople to do the work gives you confidence that you’re receiving high standards and that your home improvements are made to last.

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